More about Darko

Personal life

Born on July 30 , 1998, in Trbovlje (Slovenia). Living in Hrastnik (Slovenia). Slovenian Professional table tennis player. Member of Slovenian Olympic team. Finished the Primary school “narodnega heroja Rajka – Hrastnik” and High school šolski center Novo mesto “srednja elektro šola in tehniška gimnazija – Novo mesto”.

Profesional career

  • World Ranking 25.
  • European Ranking 8.
  • Currently League Club 1.FC Saarbrücken-Tischtennis
  • Member of NTK Krka – Novo mesto.

A short story about my career

I was inspired to play table tennis by my friend Nathan Urh. We went to kindergarten together and he invited me to attend a table tennis practice. His parents were coaches, once very famous national champions in the former Yugoslavia (Andreja Ojsteršek URH and Jože URH). I was barely 5 years old when I started going to table tennis training. At first I had fun with friends and other kids there, but later I started playing table tennis for a real at the green table. My coach Jože Urh said from the very beginning that I can achieve something with effort and hard work. Already at the age of six, I started bringing medals and trophies in my category. After two years of active training, I participated in international tournaments in Croatia, Hungary, France, Belgium, Slovakia, Russia, Romania, regional competitions and national championships of the Republic of Slovenia. From a young age I was a member of NTK Hrastnik until the age of 15, when I enrolled in the High School in Novo Mesto and became a member of NTK Krka, where I also diligently trained and played for this club, to which I brought 2x national title. From here I went abroad to the 1st Italian league – Carrara club, where I also contributed to the national title. My next club was the 1st German league Bad Königshofen, which ended up winning 6th place. Last three years I played in the 1st German league for the Saarbrücken team. In the first year we were Vice Champions of German Bundesliga and Vice Champions of ETTU CUP. The second year we managed to win the title of German Bundesliga and to reach the semifinal of Champions League, but unfortunately because of Pandemic it was cancelled. The third year we were Vice Champions of German Bundesliga and Vice Champions of Champions League.My biggest success until now are the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, I ended on 5th place in Single event and on 9th place Team event. This is a very good motivation for further progress and realisation of my dreams,and that is a medal at the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.


European Youth Championship (cadets)

  • 2. place teams (Jorgić, Paulin, Šmajcelj, Cvetko)
  • 2. place doubles (Jorgić/Hohmeier )
  • 3. place mix doubles ( Jorgić/Diaconu)

European Youth Championship (juniors)

  • 3. place singles
  • 3. place mix doubles (Jorgić/Pavčnik)
  • 1. place doubles (Jorgić/Kožul)
  • 3. place teams ( Jorgić, Kožul, Šfiligoj, Paulin)

European Under 21 Championship

  • 3. place singles 2017
  • 3. place singles 2018
  • 1. place doubles (Jorgić/Hribar)

World Championship (juniors)

  • 3. place mix doubles (Jorgić/Lupulesku I.)

European Teams Champions (seniors)

  • 3. place (Jorgić,Tokić,Kožul,Žibrat)

Mediterranean Games

  • 1. place singles
  • 1. place teams (Jorgić, Tokić, Kožul)

European Top 16 (seniors)

  • 2. place

World Cup (seniors)

  • 9. place

Olympic Games 2020 Tokyo

  • Single 5th Place
  • Team 9th Place (Jorgić,Tokić,Kožul,Hribar)

Champions League (Club)

  • 2020/2021 (Jorgić,Franziska,Shang Kun,Polansky)

Tischtennis Bundesliga (Club)

  • 2018/2019(Jorgić,Franziska,Polansky,Cheng Ting)
  • 2019/2020 (Jorgić,Franziska,Shang Kun,Polansky)
  • 2020/2021 (Jorgić,Franziska,Shang Kun,Polansky)